Germany Mobile Billing and Messaging Overview


Billing Type: LC   MT Billed. Double Opt-in required for subscriptions & services over €1.99, this is completed by the networks.

Subscriptions: Yes   Double opt-in & dedicated code required.

Shared Price Points: One-in-one-out billing is available on: €0.49, €0.99, €1.49, €1.99, €2.49, €2.99, €3.49, €3.99, €4.49 and €4.99.

To bill more than €4.99 on one of our shared codes, we can work with you to seek carrier approval.

We do not offer shared MO tariffs.

Dedicated Price Points: MT Billing tariffs: €0.49, €0.99, €1.49, €1.99, €2.49, €2.99, €3.49, €3.99,€4.49, €4.99, €5.49, €5.99, €6.49, €6.99, €7.49, €7.99, €8.49, €8.99, €9.49, €9.99

MO tariffs available on request.

Regulator: Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste eV.   Translates to: The Association of self-control telephone services.

Approvals/Fees Required: Yes   After your code is approved, further carrier approval is required if you want to: - Launch a new service billing €4.99 or more. - Launch a new subscription service. -Require an additional tariff.

Country Info

Population: 82,800,000

Subscribers: 141,124,000

Mobile Penetration Rate: 68.8%

Average Individual Income: $33,652

VAT Rate: 19%

Withholding Tax: 7%

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Carriers: (if MVNO, using:)
T-Mobile 42,530,000 35.3%
Vodafone 45,700,000 31.3%
E-Plus 21,559,900 18.4%
O2 44,840,000 15%
Freenet 14,242,400
Aldi Talk 5,504,400 E-Plus
Congstar 2,405,100 T-Mobile
Phone House 2,303,500 T-Mobile 1,879,500 E-Plus
Drillisch 1,721,100 O2
Ortel Mobile 1,688,200 E-Plus
Tchibo 1,659,500 O2
BILDmobil 714,200 Vodafone 447,300 Vodafone
Tele2 106,000 E-Plus


Regulation Overview

Regulator: Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste eV   translates to: The Association of self-control telephone services

Regulator Website:

Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct for Value-Added Telephone Services

Opt-in Possibilities

Web (PIN) Opt-in: No

WORAR (Requiring a Reply): Yes   *See notes

Single MO Shortcode Opt-in: Yes   Double Opt-in for subscriptions & services over €1.99

In-app Billing: Yes

Notes: * The user must send 2 separate MO messages to complete a double opt-in to confirm the charges and transaction.

Permitted Content

General Content Restrictions: From 30.04.15 - Quiz/trivia services (user answers multiple questions) are no longer allowed to run, this applies to both one time and subscription services.

Example subscription text for promotions: Diesen Service erhältst Du für nur {€price} /Woche zzgl. Datengebühren/BestellSMSe im {Service name}. Kündigung: Sende Stop an 31000. Kontakt:

Adult Permissible: Yes

Mobile Gambling /mCasino (Real money): No

Sportsbook (Real money): No

Virtual Gambling (Virtual credit): Yes

Lottery (Real money): No

Competitions: Yes   Max price point €0.49 - MO Billed. One-time only.

Voting: Yes   Max price point €0.49 - MO Billed

Chat: Yes   Dedicated MO short code required. See below*

Mobile Content: Yes

Info Messages: Yes

Alerts: Yes

Physical Goods: No

Calling Services: No

Charitable Services: No

Notes: *The regulations surrounding chat services are very high. The chat service must run on a dedicated MO short code and users must always be informed that its just chat, performed by operators.

You can only run one subscription service per short code. So if you choose to run a subscription service, you will need to buy a dedicated MT code to achieve this.

Specific Rules for Subscription Retries:
If a booking request for an existing subscription service could not be completed successfully, you will be allowed 8 more charging attempts within the next 2 months. If a positive booking request is made, you can book the current booking interval as well as the immediately preceding booking interval. Any subsequently booking interval beyond the preceding will not be allowed.

Due to the new Telekom regulation, we ask you to immediately optimize and adapt your retry mechanism as only 2 retries every 8 days will be allowed. For any non-regulatory retry attempt there will be sent the following error code: Payment not authorized

A subscription will be closed after 8 unsuccessful retries in 60 days.

Message Flow

Language: German

Double Opt-in: Completed by the networks
Example - Willst Du das Abo $DESCRIPTION für $AMOUNT Euro im Monat dann antworte mit START.

Welcome: Completed by the networks
Example - Herzlichen Glückwunsch, dein Abo "Description) wurde ingerichtet.Hilfe/Abmelden?

Billing: Completed by the networks
Example - Lieber Kunde, wir weisen darauf hin, dass Sie für mobile Dienste bereits (Amount) in ihrem Abonnement verbraucht haben. Hilfe?

Spend Limits

Maximum Transactional Value: €29.99   Approval required for services over €4.99.

Subscriptions Limit: €9.99 per week, adult €4.99 per week, €5 per week for game of chance.   Approval needed for prices more than €4.99

Daily Billing Limit: No written regulations.

Weekly Billing Limit: No written regulations.

Monthly Billing Limit: €100 for Vodafone, T-Mobile & Eplus.   Billing reminders are sent out €50 for single payment, €20 for subscriptions

Customer Care

Minimum Type Required: Local Call-Centre

Miscellaneous Items

Mandatory Keywords: START - to start the relevant subscription service

STOP/ STOPP - to cancel the relevant service

HELP - support for service users (e.g. hotline number, website address)

INDEX - a description of how to use the service and detailed service description


Available Technologies

Premium MO SMS: Yes   Only for certain services like competitions.

Premium MT SMS: Yes

WAP Billing: No

Direct Operator Billing: No

MSISDN Forwarding: No

IVR Billing: Yes

Number Lookup (HLR): Yes

VSIM/Longcode: Yes

Bulk SMS: Yes

Push Messaging: Yes


FreeText Shortcodes: No

Golden/Vanity Numbers Available?: No

Charity Shortcodes: No

Bulk Messaging

Alpha sender ID: Yes

Numeric sender ID: Yes

Alpha numeric sender ID: Yes

Shortcode sender ID: Yes

Sender IDs filtered: No

Handset Delivery reports: Yes

SMSC Delivery report: No

Binary: Yes

Concatenated Messages: Yes

Character Encoding: Yes   Full SMPP v3.4

Character Sets Supported: Yes   0×00(Default GSM encoding), 0×01(US-ASCII), 0×02(Binary), 0×03(ISO8859-1-Latin-1), 0×04(Binary), 0×08(UCS2/UTF-16BE)

Submit_multi: Yes

Maximum validity periods: 48 hours   Which is the recommended value.

Traffic type exclusions?: No exclusions other than no illegal services or content.