Greece Mobile Billing and Messaging Overview


Billing Type: MO&MT   DO for all MT billed services

Subscriptions: Yes

Micropayments: Yes

Shared Price Points: MO - €0.31, €0.62, €1.23, €1.48, €3.62
MT - €0.52, €2.07, €5.00

Dedicated Price Points: €0.08, €0.20, €0.29, €0.31, €0.52, €0.62, €1.00, €1.19, €1.23, €1.48, €2.00, €2.07, €3.50, €3.62, €5.00

Regulator: EETT

Approvals/Fees Required: No

Country Info

Population: 11,183,716

Subscribers: 16,443,000

Mobile Penetration Rate: 59.5%

Average Individual Income: $17,002

VAT Rate: 24%

Withholding Tax: 13%

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
Cosmote 7,500,000 51.25%
Vodafone 5,869,000 28.02%
Wind 3,074,000 20.73%


Regulation Overview

Regulator: EETT

Regulator Website:

Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct for Electronic Services Communications to Consumers

Opt-in Possibilities

Web (PIN) Opt-in: Yes

WORAR (Requiring a Reply): Yes

Single MO Shortcode Opt-in: Yes   for transactional

In-app Billing: Yes

Multi-billing - Are you able to send multiple MOs?: Yes   User must be informed of exact pricing and how many messages are required.

Multi-billing - Are you able to send multiple MTs?: Yes   User must be informed of exact pricing and how many messages are required.

Permitted Content

Adult Permissible: Yes   with the activation of a (dedicated) adult short code

Mobile Gambling /mCasino (Real money): No

Sportsbook (Real money): No

Virtual Gambling (Virtual credit): Yes

Lottery (Real money): Yes

Competitions: Yes

Voting: Yes

Chat: Yes

Mobile Content: Yes

Info Messages: Yes

Alerts: Yes

Physical Goods: No

Calling Services: No

Charitable Services: No

Message Flow

Language: Greek

Reminder: This must be sent once a month:
Example (must be Greek) - Welcome to (company name). This subscription service costing (insert cost per week or message price and frequency). To cancel send the word "stop" to {short code). Support:(Insert your customer service number).

Spend Limits

Maximum Transactional Value: 1x Line value

Subscriptions Limit: €24.60 per month inc VAT.

Daily Billing Limit: No limit

Weekly Billing Limit: No limit

Monthly Billing Limit: No limit

Customer Care

Minimum Type Required: Local Call-Centre

Miscellaneous Items

Mandatory Keywords: STOP

Retry Rules (if any): You can attempt to bill the user 3 times in a row, if these are unsuccessful you need to unsubscribe the MSISDN.


Available Technologies

Premium MO SMS: Yes

Premium MT SMS: Yes

WAP Billing: No

Direct Operator Billing: No

MSISDN Forwarding: No

IVR Billing: Yes

Number Lookup (HLR): Yes

Number Lookup (VLR) /(RTLU): Yes

VSIM/Longcode: Yes

Bulk SMS: Yes

Push Messaging: Yes

USSD Messaging: No

USSD Menus (Sessions): No


FreeText Shortcodes: No

Golden/Vanity Numbers Available?: No