Iraq Mobile Billing and Messaging Overview


Billing Type: MO&MT   MT billing requires a dedicated code.

Subscriptions: Yes   MT code required.

Micropayments: Yes

Shared Price Points: 600 IQD, 1200 IQD, 2400 IQD   Requires approval

Dedicated Price Points: 600 IQD, 1200 IQD, 2400 IQD

Standard rate Price Points: Not available.

Regulator: The National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq

Approvals/Fees Required: Yes   Approval required.

Country Info

Population: 37,202,572

Subscribers: 30,400,000

Mobile Penetration Rate: 48.3%

Average Individual Income: $5,200

VAT Rate: N/A

Withholding Tax: N/A

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
Zain 13,298,000 48.92%
Asiacell 11,644,000 36.77%
Korek Telecom 3,809,200 14.31%


Regulation Overview

Regulator: The National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq

Regulator Website:

Opt-in Possibilities

Web (PIN) Opt-in: No

WORAR (Requiring a Reply): Yes

Single MO Shortcode Opt-in: Yes

In-app Billing: Yes

Permitted Content

Adult Permissible: No

Mobile Gambling /mCasino (Real money): No

Sportsbook (Real money): No

Virtual Gambling (Virtual credit): Yes

Lottery (Real money): No

Competitions: Yes

Voting: Yes

Chat: Yes

Mobile Content: Yes

Info Messages: Yes

Alerts: No

Physical Goods: No

Calling Services: No

Charitable Services: Yes

Spend Limits

Maximum Transactional Value: 2400 IQD

Subscriptions Limit: 120 IQD per day
1200 IQD per week

Daily Billing Limit:

Customer Care

Minimum Type Required: E-Mail (24hr Response)

Miscellaneous Items

Mandatory Keywords: STOP


Available Technologies

Premium MO SMS: Yes

Premium MT SMS: Yes

WAP Billing: No

Direct Operator Billing: No

MSISDN Forwarding: No

IVR Billing: Yes

Number Lookup (HLR): Yes

VSIM/Longcode: No

Bulk SMS: Yes

Push Messaging: Yes

Bulk Messaging

Alpha sender ID: Yes   Mobitel only.

Numeric sender ID: Yes

Alpha numeric sender ID: Yes   Mobitel only for Alpha.

Shortcode sender ID: Yes   Mobitel only.

Sender IDs filtered: Yes   Excludes Mobitel.

Handset Delivery reports: Yes

SMSC Delivery report: No

Binary: Yes

Concatenated Messages: Yes

Character Encoding: Yes   Full SMPP v3.4

Character Sets Supported: Yes   0×00(Default GSM encoding), 0×01(US-ASCII), 0×02(Binary), 0×03(ISO8859-1-Latin-1), 0×04(Binary), 0×08(UCS2/UTF-16BE)

Submit_multi: Yes

Maximum validity periods: 48 hours   Which is the recommended value.

Traffic type exclusions?: No exclusions other than no illegal services or content.