New Zealand Mobile Billing and Messaging Overview


Billing Type:   New Zealand not currently available to txtNation

Subscriptions: No

Dedicated Price Points:

Regulator: Commerce Commission of New Zealand (ComCom)

Approvals/Fees Required: No

Country Info

Population: 4,880,700

Subscribers: 4,300,000

Mobile Penetration Rate: 53.6%

Average Individual Income: $48,800

VAT Rate: 15%   See source.

Withholding Tax: 0%   See source.

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
Vodafone 2,560,000 42.89%
Telecom 2,392,000 38.47%
Two Degrees 1,300,000 18.64%


Regulation Overview

Regulator: Commerce Commission of New Zealand (ComCom)

Regulator Website:


Available Technologies

Premium MO SMS: Yes

Premium MT SMS: No

WAP Billing: No

Direct Operator Billing: No

MSISDN Forwarding: No

IVR Billing: Yes

Number Lookup (HLR): No

VSIM/Longcode: Yes

Bulk SMS: Yes

Push Messaging: Yes