Turkey Mobile Billing and Messaging Overview


Billing Type: MT   Double opt in required for subscriptions and DCB flows, this is completed by the networks.

Subscriptions: Yes   DO required. Only available via DCB, approval on request.

Micropayments: Yes

Shared Price Points: 5.00 TRY, 10.00 TRY, 15.00 TRY, 20.00 TRY.

Dedicated Price Points: Not available.

Standard rate Price Points: No

Regulator: Information Technologies and Communications Authority

Approvals/Fees Required: Yes

Country Info

Population: 82,835,090

Subscribers: 71,700,000

Mobile Penetration Rate: 49.8%

Average Individual Income: $30,563

VAT Rate: 18%

Withholding Tax: 0% - 1% - 8%

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
Turkcell 34,000,000 52.34%
Vodafone 21,000,000 27.87%
Avea 16,700,000 19.79%


Regulation Overview

Regulator: Information Technologies and Communications Authority

Regulator Website: Information Technologies and Communications Authority

Opt-in Possibilities

Web (PIN) Opt-in: No

WORAR (Requiring a Reply): Yes

Single MO Shortcode Opt-in: Yes

In-app Billing: Yes   Not allowed via DCB on Vodafone.

Permitted Content

General Content Restrictions: Not permitted service list:
• Phone call minutes or free SMS selling
• Gambling
• Adult services (except bikini services)
• Mobile contents are not allowed with Direct Billing if the content or service is delivered to the users phone e.g. voting, ringtone/video, mobile game/application.

Direct Billing can be used for non-mobile contents e.g online games, social networks, video streaming through the web.

Adult Permissible: Yes   Bikini only.

Mobile Gambling /mCasino (Real money): No

Sportsbook (Real money): No

Virtual Gambling (Virtual credit): No

Lottery (Real money): Yes   A permit is required from the administration of National Lottery.

Competitions: Yes   A permit is required from the administration of National Lottery. Services cannot offer a prize element at this time.

Voting: Yes   Not allowed via DCB.

Chat: Yes   Not allowed via DCB.

Mobile Content: Yes   Not allowed via DCB.

Info Messages: Yes   Not allowed via DCB.

Alerts: No

Physical Goods: No

Calling Services: No

Charitable Services: No

Message Flow

Language: Turkish

Double Opt-in: This is completed by Avea: Please note that this is the English translation of what is sent to the end user
"Please reply this SMS with Yes to finish your transaction. You are buying XXX for Y TL."

After the user has replied with “YES” the networks send the information SMS. If the transaction is succesfully done, the SMS text is
“Thank you for your purchasing. Customer support:.....”.
If the transaction is not correct, the reason is provided.

Spend Limits

Maximum Transactional Value: 20 TRY

Subscriptions Limit: 20 TRY

Daily Billing Limit: No limit

Weekly Billing Limit: No limit

Monthly Billing Limit: No limit

Customer Care

Minimum Type Required: E-Mail (24hr Response)

Miscellaneous Items

Mandatory Keywords: IPTAL
EVET to confirm the double opt in for Avea.


Available Technologies

Premium MO SMS: No

Premium MT SMS: Yes

WAP Billing: No

Direct Operator Billing: Yes   Requires integration.

MSISDN Forwarding: No

IVR Billing: Yes

Number Lookup (HLR): Yes

Number Lookup (VLR) /(RTLU): Yes

VSIM/Longcode: Yes

Bulk SMS: Yes

Push Messaging: Yes

USSD Messaging: Yes   Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone

USSD Menus (Sessions): Yes   Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone


FreeText Shortcodes: No

Golden/Vanity Numbers Available?: No

Direct Carrier Billing

DCB Type: Pure DCB   Requires integration.

Window customisable/brandable?: Yes

MO required?: Yes

MT Required?: No

Flexible price points: Yes   Up to 100 TRY

Supported networks: Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea

Bulk Messaging

Alpha sender ID: Yes

Numeric sender ID: Yes

Alpha numeric sender ID: Yes

Shortcode sender ID: No

Sender IDs filtered: No

Handset Delivery reports: Yes

SMSC Delivery report: No

Binary: Yes

Concatenated Messages: Yes

Character Encoding: Yes   Full SMPP v3.4

Character Sets Supported: Yes   0×00(Default GSM encoding), 0×01(US-ASCII), 0×02(Binary), 0×03(ISO8859-1-Latin-1), 0×04(Binary), 0×08(UCS2/UTF-16BE)

Submit_multi: Yes

Maximum validity periods: 48 hours   Which is the recommended value.

Traffic type exclusions?: No exclusions other than no illegal services or content.